Requested by Melisa

My dream team, Yankees Baseball

Thanks for the LR @wilmotwrites
  1. C – Yogi Berra
    An amazing player... Won 13 World Series and was famous for his Yogi-isms
  2. 1B – Lou Gehrig
    Possibly the greatest on this list... He held the record for most consecutive games played (unfortunately this was broken) he benched himself for the good of the team... Unfortunately his career was cut short
  3. 2B – Robinson Cano
    If he stayed with the Yankees this would have been a No Doubter... But I still believe he fights off Competition to be the best 2B... An amazing player
  4. SS – Derek Jeter
    No Doubt about this one... He played the game right... The Captain a hero in Yankee Stadium a true Yankee... And a great damn shortstop
  5. 3B – Alex Rodriguez
    Ok a lot of people hate AROD... But i still think he's the Yankees best ever 3B... Youngest player to hit 500/600 Home Runs... And also has 3k Hits
  6. LF – Mickey Mantle
    A 7x World Series Champion and a Triple Crown winner... A true Talent
  7. CF – Joe DiMaggio
    Just a legend... That 56 game Hitting streak is an amazing record hopefully never broken
  8. RF – Babe Ruth
    Imo... The Greatest Player to ever play Baseball... The Bambino
  9. SP – Whitey Ford
    Best Pitcher in Yankees History... Nicknamed "Chairman of the Board" Won 6 World Series Titles
  10. CP – Mariano Rivera
    Mo, The Sandman, the greatest closer ever in MLB history