I challenge all @list members to give this list a go. 😄👌🏻
  1. BPL - Liverpool
    Favourite player - Philippe Couthino, an absolute Magician, so clever on the ball and shooting 👌🏻
  2. NFL - New England Patriots
    Favourite Player - Julian Edelman, TB12s Go to Guy... An amazing receiver one of the best in the NFL
  3. MLB - New York Yankees
    Favourite Player - Alex Rodriguez, a lot of people hate AROD but an extremely hard worker with some amazing talent
  4. Rugby - IRFU
    Favourite Player - Simon "Magic Feet" Zebo, this lad can score a try in the most magical way 🙌🏻
  5. *NBA - Spurs
    Favourite Player - Kawhi Leonard, Is phenomenal
  6. MLS - New York City FC
    Favourite Player - David Villa, an all time soccer legend with Spain
  7. World soccer - Ireland
    Favourite Player - Shane Long, I'll never forget that goal against Germany.. Lethal Finisher
  8. Honourable Mention
    Rob Gronkowski, this guy is a machine he scores TDs for Fun... And I can't wait to see him team up with New TE Martellus Bennett
  9. *
    New to this sport