There are new videos surfacing online everyday with new antics of the Irish Fans... We are the Best Fans In The World
  1. Irish Fans Cleaning up in Paris while singing "Clean up for the Boys In Green"
  2. Irish Fans Lifting some random local on their shoulders singing the Yaya Kolo Toure Song
  3. Irish Fans taking over some Local mans truck singing in Paris
  4. Irish fans putting a dent in a Car... Fixing it and giving him money through the window 😂😂
  5. A man wearing in a horse mask kick a football through an apartment window in Lille and the rest of them going mental
  6. Irish Fans swimming in a fountain in the middle of Lille after beating Italy 1-0
  7. Irish Fans Singing a Lullaby to a baby on a train
  8. Irish Fans Fixing an Elderly Couples Flat Tyre in Paris
  9. Irish Fans Serenading a French Woman in the middle of Bordeaux