1. Backstory: the Irish Language is compulsory to learn in Irish Schools from 5-18 year olds... So I've been studying Irish for 13 Years and am still not Fluent... It's a difficult Language but here are my favourite words in the Irish Language
  2. Liosta – List
    I'll start with this one it seems fitting
  3. Ceol - Music
    Music is such an important part of the world today
  4. Go Hálainn – Beautiful
    Basically for telling someone they are beautiful for Example "Tá debby Ryan go Hálainn"
  5. Peil – Football
    My Favourite Sport... American Football would be "Peil Mheiriceánach"
  6. Eiré – Ireland
    Our Island Home
  7. Failte – Welcome
    You may have heard of "Cead Mile Failte" or A Hundred Thousand Welcomes
  8. Fado – Long Ago
  9. Saoi – A Wise Person
    Everybody on the List App 😜👍🏻
  10. Uireasa a mhéadaíonn cumha – Absence makes the Heart grow fonder
  11. Pobail – Community
    Because of the list App Community
  12. Ciarán is anim Dom – My Name is Ciaran
  13. Tá Sé ag cur baistí – It's Raining
    Seems fitting for Ireland
  14. If you guys want to ask me any questions about Irish... Go for it is be more than happy to answer them