My 5 favourite baseball players when I was growing up plus an honourable mention ⚾️⚾️
  1. Honourable Mention: Nick Swisher
    Swish is just one of those fun ball players that enjoys every minute of the game keeping the team in high spirits... Absolutely amazing that he's back in the Yankees organisation after winning the 2009 WS
  2. Robinson Cano
    One of my Favourite players I was absolutely gutted when he moved to Seattle... You could always rely on Robbie to show up when needed... 2031 hits, 245 Home Runs 997 RBIs and he's only 33
  3. Jorge Posada
    Hip Hip Jorge they used to say... I grew up watching Jorge tear it up for the Yankees... He was one of those players who was as good defensively as he was offensively... 5x All Star, 4x World Series Champion with 275 Home Runs
  4. Alex Rodriguez
    Everyone hated AROD, even Yankee fans at one point... This is probably the reason he was possibly my favourite Yankees player besides Jeter... Loved it When he hit a big Home Run ((Especially at Fenway)) he was a very dangerous hitter, and a key part of the 2009 WS victory... 3084 career hits, 692 Home Runs and 2067 RBIs
  5. Mariano Rivera
    The Sandman.. The greatest closer in MLB History. 652 Saves, 1173 strikeouts and a 2.21 ERA.. Once Mo entered you were sure you were getting that W... He was part of the brilliant Core 4 with Jeter, Andy Pettite and Jorge Posada
  6. Derek Jeter
    Honestly IMO one of the greatest players to ever play the game... He played the game the right way the way it was meant to be played... A role model for young kids who wanted to grow up to be like Derek Jeter... 3465 hits, .310 BA and 1311 RBIs... 14x All Star, 5x WS Champion and 2000 WS MVP. Top 3 Yankees players of all time.