Just trying to help you @Debby 😄
  1. Felix
    Always a good name for a cat
  2. Mittens
    I read a book once and there was a cat called mittens
  3. Yoshi, Princess Peach or any other Mario Kart Name
  4. Skittles
    Touch the Rainbow
  5. Garfield
    But only if they eat Lasagne
  6. Hufflepuff
  7. Top Cat or Tom
    After those Cartoon Cats
  8. Salem
    If it's a magical cat
  9. Harry Potter
    Is he a wizard
  10. Whiskers
    Seems Appropriate I think
  11. Waldo
    If he gets lost you can say "Where's Waldo"
  12. Simba
    You can hold it in the air and sing "Circle of Life"
  13. Just gonna throw Ciaran out there
    After me would be a big honour