People That Need to Join This App

  1. James Corden
    ALOTO, the James Corden show and Carpool Karaoke... He would be perfect on this app
  2. Eddie Murphy
    It's Eddie Friggin Murphy
  3. Ella Henderson
    Great Singer... Would write great lists
  4. Matt Le Blanc
    My favourite character out of friends... "How You Doin"
  5. Jennifer Lawrence
    What more can I say... I'm fairly sure everyone agrees
  6. Jason Segalp
    Just an overall funny guy that would probably make some hilarious lists
  7. Derek Jeter
    Greatest Baseball player to play the game... He would have some great stories to tell
  8. Una Foden
    A great songwriter...And probably a great list writer
  9. Julian Edelman
    In my opinion the Best WR in the NFL
  10. Gigi Hadid
    I'd love to see what kind of lists she'd make