1. Tom Brady
    Quite Frankly the greatest QB of all time... He gets an awful lot of hate... He's probably the most hated player in the NFL but why because of one small mistake... Everyone makes them... These people don't see the other side of Brady
  2. Beyoncé
    Don't get me wrong I know she has one of the biggest fan bases in the world but she still has haters who are more than likely just jealous... But she worked hard for what she has and has true talent
  3. Coldplay
    I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan, but they have some good songs... Coldplay get a serious amount of unnecessary hate. SB 50 for example... I didn't think they were that bad
  4. Lebron James
    LeBron is just one of those people that People Love to Hate for no real reason (Unless Your From Cleveland) but he is still one of the best basketballers in the NBA and worked hard to get to where he is today
  5. Alex Rodriquez
    Okay so he took PEDs, he's not the only one there's a lot more players in the Major Leagues who have taken them and don't get the abuse AROD does. He still works extremely hard to play the game he loves.
  6. Taylor Swift
    Again I wouldn't say I'm a huge Taylor Swift Fan... But man does she get unnecessary abuse... I mean why she's a good singer and a good songwriter