Everyone on the @list needs to listen to the Saw Doctors... 👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻... Tell me if you've heard any of their songs ⬇️
  1. Clare Island
    "Come and meet me on Clare island...".
  2. Hay Wrap
    Bale em, Bale em Hay Hay... Bale em, Bale em Hay Hay".
  3. Red Cortina
    "The first love stays with you forever, forever and ever".
  4. Joyce Country Ceile Band
    Ah we're the Joyce Country Ceili band playing away and we're doing grand, ah sure if we're singing a song won't you give us a hand cause we're the Joyce country Ceili band."
  5. The Green and Red of Mayo
    "Oh the Green and Red of Mayo, I can see it still, it's soft and craggy bog land it's tall majestic hills".
  6. N17
    "And I wish I was on that N17, Stone Walls and the grass is green".
  7. I Useta Love Her
    "I Useta Love Her, I Useta Love Her once a long long time ago".