1. Firstly I Cannot accept this as Top Gear
    Without the 3 stooges Clarkson, Hammond and May it's just not the same
  2. New Presenters
    Although I don't actually mind Matt LeBlanc, I think he does quite well... Chris Evans I cannot stand (Don't have anything against the guy, just don't think he's right) and why is there 6 presenters too many just way too many
  3. If It Ain't Broke
    The top gear logic was brilliant the Star in the reasonably Priced car why change it to do off-road why... And in the 2nd Episode they bring brand new SUVs to Africa the old trio would have used terribly bad cars that would have broken down 800 times providing great entertainment
  4. It's An Entertainment Show To Me
    I watch top gear to be entertained by the bizarrely stupid antics of the trio. Not for the car part but that has nothing to do with the new presenters
  5. I Honestly Can't Wait
    I can't wait to see the new show from the old presenters... The Grand Tour