What Is This 20 Questions?

Inspired by @dad3 @BWN_7 & @jennifergster
  1. First Concert: I think it was a Westlife concert when I was about 5
  2. Stripes or Solids: Gotta be solids I assume that this means preference of shirt
  3. Who would play me in a movie about myself: Ryan Reynolds... That guy is hilarious
  4. Favourite Fast Food: Supermacs/ Papa Johns
  5. Favourite Chips/Crisps: Walkers Ready Salted
  6. Animal I'd most like to be: Any Type of Bird to be able to Fly
  7. DQ Order: No such thing as DQ in Ireland but my favourite Ice Cream is Honeycomb
  8. Worst Injury: splitting my forehead open 😷😷
  9. My Pastime: playing soccer with my friends
  10. Colour I'd be: Blue and Red Mixed
  11. Apple or Other: Apple always has been
  12. Morning or Night: Morning
  13. Go To Song: Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers
  14. Recent Book: Yankees Vs Red Sox the Great Rivalry
  15. Favourite Flavour: sweet & Salted Popcorn
  16. Tee Pee: Doesn't exist in Ireland
  17. One thing I want but don't have now: Any Yankees player to follow me on Twitter
  18. Change one thing mental health wise: To be less Anxious
  19. One Thing I haven't Shared Yet: A list in the Irish Language