1. Eddie Murphy
    Eddie Murphy is absolutely brilliant as foul mouth Detroit detective Axel Foley... He has some great moments in all 3 films and is incredibly funny
  2. Perfect Mix
    These films are a perfect mix of action and comedy... There is plenty of comedy gold from Foley, Rosewood and Taggert but there's plenty of action and car chases in the film too
  3. Great Cast
    Eddie Murphy – Axel Foley Judge Reinhold – Billy Rosewood. John Ashton – Sgt Taggart
  4. Music
    This film has that typical 80s music it's not the best and it's not the worst... Although the theme tune is an incredible piece by Harold Faltymeyer also has hits such as The Heat is On and Stir it Up
  5. Series
    There are 3 great films in this series although 1 is better than 2 & 3