I just found out via Buzzfeed that a huge number of people (dare I say the majority??) put on their bras by clasping them in the front and turning them around, which WHAT.
  1. First of all, why have you been keeping this from me?
  2. How does this not stretch the bra??
    I assume you clasp it below your boobs, but doesn't the turning and pulling stretch out your bra?
  3. Did someone teach you to do it this way?
    Was there a meeting I wasn't invited to?
  4. Can you really not clasp it in the back?
    Or do you just prefer front clasping?
  5. Is this a big boobs thing?
    It's totally a big boobs thing, isn't it?
  6. Did you know back clasping was a thing?
    Because I sure as hell did not know front clasping was a thing.
  7. Buzzfeed link: http://bzfd.it/1Pb4zzl
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