1. Speak/talk soon
    It's affable and strong, like you control all conversation. Could be ominous under the right circumstances.
  2. Sent from my iPhone
    Casual. You don't care. You're busy, but you still respond to emails. You can navigate sans gps, you're that kind of person.
  3. Good Night, and Good Luck
    You're George Clooney, so good for you. Especially effective if it is, indeed, nighttime.
  4. Keep in touch
    This one's mysterious. It sounds warm and sincere until you end every email with it. Gotta keep em guessing. Number one preferred valediction of nostalgic ghosts.
  5. Cheers
    You're British or faking British, which, yeah, get it.
  6. Byeeeeeeeeeeee!
    You're exuberant, possibly Grace Helbig?
  7. Say my name
    I've never seen this in the wild, but I endorse it.