Open like a 24-hr Taco Bell.
  1. Trophies, Drake: "Bitch, I use a walkie talkie just to get a beverage / I saw my parents split up right after the wedding"
    After going on about his giant house, Drake suddenly reveals this traumatic childhood tidbit. But hey, it taught him to "stay committed."
  2. I Don't Mind, Usher: "I make enough for the both of us, but you dance anyway / You know I was raised in the A!"
    Cut to chorus! He just really needs you to know about his Hotlanta roots.
  3. Don't Tell Em, Jermih: "Know you say you down with it / won't tell em how you hit the ground with it / Girl, you know I'm from Chicago"
    Hey, Jermih, did you know Usher was raised in the A?
  4. Stronger, Kanye West: "I need you right now, I need you right now/ Me likey"
    He likey, dammit! It needed to be said.
  5. Tom Ford, Jay-Z: "Pardon my laughing, I happen to think you sweet / I don't pop molly, I rock Tom Ford"
    Ah, the classic 2 types of people: those who popeth Molly and those who rocketh Tom Ford.
  6. Clique, Kanye: "I just wanna design hotels and nail it / ...went through deep depression when my mama passed"
    Suggested by @chloesearcy