You make a judgmental list #bitter
  1. You ride your bike not on the bike path but right next to it.
    You have evil in your heart.
  2. You enjoy the Big Bang Theory.
    This is why Happy Endings was cancelled. I blame you.
  3. You're for social, economic, and political equality of the sexes but don't want to call yourself a feminist.
    Bonus points if it's because "you don't want to put down men."
  4. You're a MRA
    Here are all the seats: please, take them.
  5. You text while driving but "only at stoplights."
    You're going to murder us all. Why is this socially acceptable?
  6. You're not that into: desserts, animals, music.
  7. You feel that more people should be talking about the difficulties of white people.
    Bonus points for claiming "reverse racism."
  8. You complain that Christians get so much flak in the U.S. these days.
    Yeah, it's hard being in the privileged majority, but OH WAIT HOW ABOUT BEING ANYONE ELSE?
  9. You say you're from the city when you're actually from the suburbs.
    Yes, I'm a snob.
  10. You make this pose in all your pictures.
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  11. You love talking about how technology these days is isolating us.
    Remember, they said that about the Furby, too! (no, they didn't)
  12. You are Lyla from Friday Night Lights.
    I feel like we can all agree on this one.