Inspired by the My Favorite __ From My Favorite __ trend!
  1. Dean Craig Pelton - Community
    This is impossible. I mean, I would watch any of the tertiary characters on their own show. Best casting in TV. Dean is anything but a "non-magnificent bastard."
  2. Buster Bluth - Arrested Development
    Again, how can I do this? But I'm going for Tony Hale and his juice box.
  3. Jane Kerkovich-Williams - Happy Endings
    On a side note, I'm really bummed Pete didn't work out. I would totally throw Pete into the mix full time.
  4. Jack Donaghy - 30 Rock
    Jack on wanting to braid Avery's hair: "Because it's romantic, and I'm really good at it!"
  5. Ilana Wexler - Broad City
    Jaime, you were a close second. Also, shout out to Garol!
  6. Kimmy Schmidt - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Do we ever get to know why she's afraid of Velcro?
  7. Richard Splett -Veep
    Oh, Richard Splett. You have the spirit of a honeycomb and the demeanor of a cartoon sidekick.
  8. Veronica Palmer - Better Off Ted
    What a fantastic character. Anytime she and Rose were together was magic.
  9. Andrea Belladonna - Samantha Who?
    AUNdrea, you are so the Veronica Palmer of Samantha Who?, and I love you and your neon manicure.
  10. Tami Taylor - Friday Night Lights
    ICONIC. Really, need I say more?
  11. Helena - Orphan Black
    I LOVE HELENA. The way she eats. The way she laughs. Her devotion to her sestras. Her badassery that is, frankly, disturbing in the best way possible.
  12. Faith Lehane - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Yes, gotta love Buffy, gotta love Spike, but Eliza Dushku is the QUEEN of badass women.
  13. Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock
    Everyone's favorite high-functioning sociopath.
  14. Tina Belcher - Bob's Burgers
    Sometimes I want to be Tina Belcher.
  15. Lauren Heller - Younger
    LAUREN. Younger really nailed it with this gem of a secondary character. Never change, Lauren!
  16. The Narrator - Jane the Virgin
    Ugh, with Jane, Rogelio, and (be still my heart!) Michael also in the running, this was a difficult decision. The narrator really sets this show apart.
  17. Tyrion Lannister - Game of Thrones
    Witty, charismatic, and always doing something. But this season Dany and her dragons really spiced things up...
  18. Emerson Cod - Pushing Daisies
    If only someone could bring this show back to life. Har. Har.
  19. Donald "Jared" Dunn - Silicon Valley
    To be real, Silicon Valley is not one of my favorite shows, but I do watch it, and the entire reason is Zach Woods. Zach Woods makes this show. PIVOT!
  20. Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warner - Orange is the New Black
    First season Suzanne KILLED ME. In the beginning, I was not on board because of her creepiness, but when she had that speech in the bathroom, my heart cracked. Then she threw her pie, and the rest was history.