@gwcoffey oh god, so much pressure
  1. The "giving up" chair in any department store.
  2. The middle of the grocery aisle so I can get a better look at that cereal.
  3. In the luxury treehouse I now summer in.
  4. The couch in a furniture store that may or may not be display only.
  5. On the knee of an esteemed gentleman.
  6. Those airplane beds they have in first class.
  7. In a baby swing, even though I know I shouldn't because of what happened last time.
  8. The conveyor belt that brings you your luggage.
    This baggage has been claimed. It's all mine now.
  9. In a sunken bed like a straight up minimalist goddess.
  10. On that weird art couch at the top of the Musee d'Orsay.
    Why is this so comfy? Oh, look, there's Paris.
  11. In hot spa mud.
  12. On the ledge at a concert, like just let me have this, security guard.
  13. In a hot air balloon made entirely of smaller balloons.
    Cushiony yet firm.
  14. On a shallow ocean floor, with my convenience gills.
  15. In the gilded streets of Disneyland.
    Are they gilded?