The awkward stage when real adults still see you as a baby, and you still see you as a baby, but nevertheless time moves relentlessly forward.
  1. Mounting desire to know my genealogy, family history.
  2. Incipient back problems.
  3. The fact that there's a cast member on SNL who is younger than I am
    What have I even done with my life??
  4. When I'm watching a PG-13 movie and my teenaged cousins are there, I'm like oh, no this is too saucy for the chillun!
    Because I've forgotten what it's like to be a teenager.
  5. My cat is going to die soon.
  6. There are kids alive and 'gramming right now who don't know what Destiny's Child is.
    Not to mention NSYNC. Origin stories, people!
  7. A first-year in college tried to network with me.
    You've made a terrible mistake.
  8. My friends are getting married.