These tracks came out a while ago, but I'm still all about the REPLAY button 🎧
  1. "Peaches"- In the Valley Below
    Oh my god. This song is filing a restraining order against me.
  2. "All or Nothing" - Elliphant feat. Diplo, Bunji Garlin
    Still ride or die for "One More," too.
  3. "Borderline" - Tove Styrke
    If your name is Tove, you're killing it rn.
  4. "England Skies" - Shake Shake Go
    Nostalgia that sounds so 💯 in my ears.
  5. "Habits (Stay High)" - Tove Lo
    Queen of the Clouds is such a great pop album.
  6. "Two Weeks" - FKA Twigs
    Thanks for the disturbing use, Mr. Robot.
  7. "Soda" - Azealia Banks
    Catchy, interesting, layered. Can't wait for her next album!
  8. "Often" - The Weeknd
    How repetition in pop music should be done.
  9. "Faith in Love" - CSS
    This is the only CSS song I know, but, whatever, I haven't had my fill yet.
  10. "Beggin for thread" - Banks
    Because I am the least cool person ever, I found out about Banks because of Chloe Grace-Moretz on Watch What Happens Live. Yes, really.
  11. "Aquarius" - Tinashe
    This album, too. One of the best of the year! She's so much more than "2 On."
  12. "Bassically" - Tei Shei
  13. "Elastic Heart" - Sia
  14. "Lost in My Bedroom" - @SkyFerreira
    All time fav Sky Ferreira song. Got my roommate obsessed when it first came out.
  15. "My Love" - Justin Timberlake
    Okay, this one is very old, but the opening 5 seconds are like straight dopamine.