(Modern defined as post-3 point shot)
  1. Jordan/Pippen
    6 for 6 in the finals. Never had to play a game 7. Jordan + any other great player would probably be greatest tandem ever, but Pippen an especially deadly crime partner.
  2. Kareem/Magic
    8 Finals appearances, 5 championships. Greatest C and PG of modern era.
  3. Shaq/Kobe
    3-peated. Probably not another pair who each rates as high on the all-time list, and who also played together in their primes.
  4. Bird/McHale
    Greatest F tandem ever. 3 championships together. McHale prob best post moves pre-Hakeem, & Bird greatest SF pre-LeBron
  5. LeBron/Wade
    On the one hand played together 4 seasons & went to Finals each time, winning twice. On other, 1 lucky bounce away from being 1-3 in those Finals. Wade also arguably not 2nd best player on 2013-14 team.
  6. Stockton/Malone
    Incredible PNR combo, but come in at 6 b/c even when Jordan was gone for most of 2 seasons, they couldn't get it done (Hakeem won back to back in the non-Jordan parallel universe).
  7. Durant/Westbrook
    Scott Brooks must be the worst coach of all time.