1. Eminent Domain
    The government has always had the ability to confiscate private property (and compensate its owner) for the public good. This Supreme Court decision made it possible for private citizens to do the same to other private citizens. The idea of making Justice Souter's (the swing vote) home a bed and breakfast with a restaurant called "Just Deserts" is one of the greatest things I've ever heard. Too bad it didn't work.
  2. Standards for evidence in criminal cases
    The prosecution can make private affairs of the defendant (that have nothing to do with the criminal charge), public by claiming it is evidence of motive. See "The Staircase" for some outrageous examples.
  3. Indiana's "Religious Freedom Restoration Act"
    I know, I know, low hanging fruit. Still.
  4. The various legal and institutional products of the C Street Fellowship
    Read Jeff Sharlet's "C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy"
  5. The UN Human Rights Council Membership
    Which includes Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan, China and Russia. Not technically a legal outrage, but c'mon.
  6. Civil Forfeiture
    See Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
  7. Municipal Violation Debtor's Prison
    See Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
  8. F*** it, just watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver