Obscure, Old School, NY Hip Hop Classics (Chronological Order)

  1. Step Off (Melle Mel) 1984
  2. Request Line (Rock Master Scott and the Dynamic Three) 1984
  3. The Mexican (Jellybean Benitez) 1984
    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9PqEnlrlJv4 Cover of a song by the group Babe Ruth. Really more freestyle than hip hop, but sounds like something that could've been on the Beat Street soundtrack.
  4. Live on Stage (Roxanne Shante) 1989
  5. Funky Technician (Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth) 1990
  6. Bad to the Bone (Kool G Rap) 1990
  7. Heartless (Live Squad) 1992
  8. Live and Let Die (Mob Style) 1992
  9. Say What (Mob Style) 1992
  10. Wu Tang St Ides commercial 1994