1. Rocky III
    Everyone gets this wrong. So what, Rocky & Apollo had that stupid race on the beach in short shorts, it was 1981, or whatever. Don't throw out the baby with the bath water; the montage in Scarface sucked, too. Underrated because by III, was no longer underdog genre, was something new -- basically inventing the cop buddy flick. Awesome spectacle, one of the greatest screen antagonists ever in Clubber Lang, launched careers of Mr T & Hulk Hogan. Eye of the Tiger. Best.
  2. Rocky I
    So good.
  3. Rocky II
    I guess. The whole Adrian in a coma thing was so boring.
  4. Rocky IV
    Even more cartoonish than III, which is both its charm and its failing.
  5. Rocky VI
    I was in this one and it wasn't a bad movie. Happy about that.
  6. Rocky V
    Ignore it. Just pretend it never happened. Like the Godfather III and the Star Wars prequels.