I'm on a diet (sorta) so it's been a bit uneventful.....but I was sitting here dreaming about Taco Bell so.....
  1. Goat cheese, prosciutto and sautéed onion pizza.
  2. Mini Kit Kats
    I think I'm going to commit to Kit Kat being my favorite treat. These were already unwrapped in a bag! They seem a bit thicker chocolate-wise which I think made them extra delicious.
  3. Broiled chicken breast
    I make this at least twice a week. Anyone use this method to cook their chicken? It is stupid easy and keeps shit juicy. Best cooking tip I have.
  4. Broccolini.
    Broiled, also. All the garlic.
  5. Cappuccino
    This place 🙌🏼💕👌🏼🔥