1. Find a store open late or 24 hours.
  2. Make a playlist.
    Singing in the grocery store makes you feel at one with the crazies you're bound to encounter.
  3. Go at a reasonable or super late hour.
    Do not try to go during the normal dinner rush times (5-6:30pm). Or Sunday at 1pm (This is when the local elderly community gets bussed in. They're sweet but kinda gum up the works. Let's just let them have their time.)
  4. Have an idea of what you want.
    Make a list. Publish it.
  5. Forget reusable bags.
    Why don't they ever make it back into my car?!?
  6. Get your headphones in and ignore all the people!
  7. Make sure you are singing out loud.
  8. Pay for groceries at the self checkouts.
  9. Tie bags shut to keep items from spilling into your trunk while you drive.
  10. Move on with your life.