Or maybe I just care too much about what other people think!
  1. Parallel parking in front of people
  2. Crossing the street as a pedestrian at a busy intersection
  3. When you feel like you need to run (or walk briskly) when crossing the street because you feel like everyone thinks you are taking your sweet ass time
  4. When your dog farts and everyone looks around wondering who did it and you try to keep your cool and say it was the dog but people think you're just blaming it on the dog
  5. Laughing out loud when you have headphones on
  6. When your credit card is declined
  7. When the servers at a fast food restaurant recognize you but try to pretend like they don't to preserve your dignity
  8. Not knowing how to pronounce something correctly and totally butchering it
  9. When there's a menu item that's slightly embarrassing to order out loud. Looking at you, "Clucks N Fries".