1. Is that Sigourney Weavers' 1980s outfit?
  2. Maybe if that was one piece....
  3. Nope. Shitty.
  4. "I wish someone would fix my F*ing hair" about Kelly Osbourne
  5. What if they cut all of them they just made step forward? Bahahaha 😎
  6. It's like if you added a trendy hat to Buckwheat from the Little Rascals!
  7. Those lanky models make them look like even littler children....
  8. She didn't take that to heart 😔
  9. Her hair looks like the Shrek girl
  10. Okay I need to figure out where Minneapolis, KS is....(grabs his phone to consult Google)
  11. Why is she walking out in a giant penis dress?
  12. It's down to Buckwheat and Shrek....
  13. Maybe they should judge the designers on what they wear...
  14. Beat it Shrek.