Started a new book club in the Windy City....I only knew 2 of the 6 broads prior to our soirée. We became fast friends.
  1. "I love that you are keeping the paper bag on your 40 oz!"
  2. "I only ate all of mine bc I thought you ate all of yours.... Now I'm uncomfortable (grabs tummy)."
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    We met at a BYOB taco joint (we classy yo!).
  3. "So, can we talk about Lamar Odom for a minute?"
  4. "There was no poisoning, affairs, or questionable behavior in this book..."
    We need a little more substance next time. Sorry Liane Moriarty.... What Alice Forgot---wasn't worth remembering. No worries though, we already have a saucy re-write in the works.
  5. "This was actually fun."
    @jnelmccoy said what they were all thinking. However, this was not my first rodeo😎🍷! The book is a mere theme/excuse to regularly get a gaggle of ladies together to drink and have fun....yet feel classy AF!
  6. Sent via text post Book Club "I hope I don't need to add "dodge caravan Lyft ride" to the "places I've peed" list 😁
    The hole-in-the-wall taco joint didn't have a bathroom....