Whoopsies! Am I in trouble?
  1. I don't like mail, so I don't open it.
  2. I'm bad at returning phone calls.
  3. Boys.
  4. I think too much about boys.
  5. I don't believe in money.
  6. Vodka.
  7. I think I'm 24, I'm not.
  8. I don't like to read, so I'll just skip the instructions.
  9. No one will miss this (fill in the blank) from my job.
  10. I'm bratty.
  11. Bad with time. Bad bad on time.
  12. I never know what day it is.
  13. I forget to use my phone calendar and sometimes double-book.
  14. I act on emotions.
  15. No math. I just don't do math. Skip all of the math.
  16. Traffic laws don't apply to me! Especially speed limits.
  17. My sweet ass.
    Gets me in trouble, man.
  18. I'm too nice.
    Believe it or not, this sometimes gets me in trouble.
  19. Lazy. Lazy and sad.
  20. I'd rather play on the Internet than do whatever I'm supposed to be doing.
  21. Did I list boys already?