1. Too young (not cute enough to be worth it)
  2. Too old (not cute enough to be worth it)
  3. Lives on the Eastside
  4. Lives on the Westside
  5. Lives Downtown
  6. Lives in Calabasass
  7. Is a magician
  8. Shirtless selfies
  9. Car selfies
  10. No pictures of his face
  11. Which one in all these group photos are you?!?
  12. Too much beard
  13. No smiling photos
  14. No photos without his hat on
  15. NO group photos, do you even have any friends?
  16. Looks boring
  17. Looks crazy
  18. Looks like my cousin (not the cute one)
  19. Trying to be funny in bio, but isn't
  20. All photos are from far away
  21. Thinks he's Brad Pitt, he's not
  22. Face tattoo
  23. 3 pics throwing signs, 2 pics with guns, 1 pic in front of a car
  24. All pics wearing a Lakers jersey
  25. Mutual friends with my ex
  26. Same name as my ex
  27. Oh look, it's my ex
  28. There's a bong in the profile pic
  29. Bio is asking to cheat on his wife
  30. Bio is asking for threesome with his wife
  31. Bio is claiming he and his wife have an open relationship
  32. His name is Vinny
  33. I've accepted dying alone