1. FOURSQUARE-Got into a screaming fight with a former roommate when she took my Foursquare mayorship of our house away from me.
    Bitch cheated tho.
  2. FACEBOOK-Unfriended a guy I'd worked with because he wrote a mean status about Texas.
    I don't miss you and neither will the fine state of Texas when you don't visit.
  3. TWITTER-Cried when the boy I like unfollowed me.
    ...and then picked a fight with him over it.
  4. INSTAGRAM- Had a fight with a friend over whether Instagram accounts should be private or public.
    ... @Espie you were right....
  5. LIST APP-Taking these 5 List App friend invites waaaaaay to seriously.
    Weighing all the options, you guys. Who reeaaaally deserves this? This shit is special.