Saw a couple of these on my feed yesterday, I wanna play! (I know it's like a day late, but the first time I made this list my Internet crashed and it got deleted. I had to rally.)
  1. Worked at my job.
    No picture, stalkers.
  2. Drank wine and talked about boys with this girl.
    Me on left, @ShastaKco on the right....eating my face apparently.
  3. Filmed a little parody of a Classic YouTube video. Got into some paint, y'all.
    Watch us get into trouble at:
  4. Played six, yes SIX, beach volleyball games with my team, Treggie's Angels.
    We lost our 4th place spot (in a huge upset), just missing out on division playoffs because the team we played brought in 3 subs from the upper division. BOO. It's ok, we were happy to be at the beach anyway.
  5. Went to a baby shower for these friends.
    4 celebrities were in attendance. But I'm not a name dropper, so you'll never know who.
  6. Visited a friend who is in the dumps.
    Brought him some food and some cuddles cause I know it must be rough feeling like the world is against you.
  7. Took a 7am walk of shame. In Hollywood. In the dress from the baby shower and his red hoodie. With a Trophy.
  8. Played a football game with my team, Back That Pass Up.
    We lost. Putting our overall team stats at 50-3. ...we don't lose often. 5 time consecutive champions! I however left with game with a small concussion and a shoulder injury. No bueño.
  9. Took a friend who just got engaged to try on wedding dresses!
    She asked me to be maid of honor, y'all!
  10. Rehearsed an audition and a scene for class with this girl.
    Clearly this picture of Rosie and I is from a previous dance party... Not said rehearsal.
  11. Watched Big Brother 17.
    My favorite show.
  12. Registered for the jury duty that I got a summons for.
    Uh oh y'all...criminal court. Imma put some murderers away probably maybe.