There's a lot of random shit in my purse. I thought I'd show y'all.
  1. This is my purse. Look how pretty. It sparkles. Don't you guys want to see what's inside????
  2. This glasses print make-up bag that is filled with lip gloss.
  3. This hairspray. Which is weird cause I don't use hairspray.
  4. 4 Love condoms.
    My friend gave them to me as a joke. Apparently the thought of me having sex is HILARIOUS.
  5. This demo CD some random guy at a bar gave me.
    I'm not sure, but I think it's jazz. I don't know, I haven't listened to it yet.
  6. Jumbo sized LipSmackers in the delightful flavor of Strawberry.
  7. Unopened Berry Blast flavored Ring Pop.
  8. A little box of almonds.
  9. Purse Dinosaur.
  10. This many highlighters.
    I'M AN ACTOR! I'M AN ACTOR! I'M AN ACTOR! ...if this doesn't scream, "I'M AN ACTOR," I don't know what does.
  11. Smushed fruit snacks.
  12. This tiny giraffe.
  13. B-12 Vitamins.
  14. This class ring I stole from my job's lost and found after it had been sitting there for a year and a half.
  15. A poop baggy.
  16. This glasses cleaner that has my dad's business info printed on it.
    Thanks, Dad!!
  17. A handful of contacts.
  18. This sparkle rock.
  19. A folder with headshots and a bunch of scripts in it.
    I don't normally carry it around with me, but I came straight to work from an audition.
  20. This book.
    My therapist recommended it. Hahaha. 😭