Inspired by @sky and her awesome list of MySpace Selfies
  1. Caption: "New room. Ya dig?"
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  2. Caption: "Angsty. Rawr."
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  3. Caption: "Gangsta."
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  4. Caption: "Ho-Hum."
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  5. Caption: "I love Hollywood. But I'm not stupid."
    9f3a9d3b be83 41f6 b8dd b58bd80a5719
  6. No caption, I'm too sexy.
    814867b9 4c9e 4169 b182 61342f939170
  7. Caption: "OMG, it's Kelsey from the band Ninja Bitch."
    15b22fb4 2694 4465 9180 f1840f3a3865
  8. Caption: "Strong like bull."
    Ab53353a 80db 4cc3 944e 9193e66e39c1
  9. Caption: "FISHES"
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  10. Caption: "oh no you didn't"
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  11. Caption: "vest."
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