1. Sending cards in time for a holiday or birthday
  2. Wedding invites
  3. Doing my taxes
    While my mom is on the phone with me.
  4. Writing thank you notes
  5. Flossing my teeth
    This is more of a prop to the "adult bathroom" aesthetic.
  6. Having a budgeting app
    That I later deleted.
  7. Drinking coffee from a mug
  8. Giving directions
    Always a toss up as to whether or not they're accurate
  9. Signing forms
    Cursive is so adult. So are illegible scribbles.
  10. Having an e-mail signature
  11. Waking up before my alarm
  12. Buying fruits and vegetables
    And looking at them all serious. Everyone's just thinking, "These are all the same, right?" No? Just me?
  13. Making dinner at a normal dinner time
    Making dinner at all*
  14. Doing my hair for work
    Doing my hair at all*
  15. Conversations about current events
    I read the Skimm you guys.
  16. Asking for help