1. Why The Andy Griffith Show is not on 24-hours per day
  2. Why his iPhone battery dies
  3. His iphone
  4. Why one cannot pay with cash, or "Greenbacks" as he refers to them, online
  5. Why we ever run out of frozen vegetables
  6. Technology
  7. Why when he enters a room, occasionally people are on electronic devices
  8. Why the show at the end of a DVR recording is unable to be watched in its entirety
  9. Why commercials must be watched during Live TV
  10. The idea of the DVR
  11. Why mom doesn't buy a grocery cart full of Reese's eggs
  12. Why everyone keeps turning down the TV volume
  13. His glasses will help him see things
  14. That if he lays on the couch after 5pm, he might as well go to bed; he's out