1. Kate Beaton's Hark a Vagrant comics
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    Black and white is innocuous enough to get away with, the humor is generally work safe, and a good history joke can get me through at least 10 emails with a smile.
  2. Garfunkle and Oates
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    Anything is possible with headphones at work, and nothing's better than listening to the lyrics 'fuck me in the ass 'cause I love Jesus' while doing data extraction
  3. Casey Neistat's Vlog
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    YouTube at work is now 'discouraged', possibly in part to the fact that I watched my way though 100+ of filmmaker Casey Neistat's fun and inspirational daily vlogs on company time. Worth it.
  4. Jenna Marbles Videos
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    Another YouTube addiction, completely irredeemable, often inappropriate for work, hilarious, still totally worth it.
  5. Inappropriate Skype Chat Conversations
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    Trading cute pictures of puppies and music, coordinating weekend plans, insulting people we are forced to work with outside of our company... All on the company skype chat. Someone probably reads all of it. Whoops.
  6. Making Lists
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    Previously on paper, now on The List App! All of my time wasters are officially digitized, and paper is now 100% useless to me. The paper industry can finally collapse entirely. Thanks, BJ Novak!