Favorite TV couples that didn't last 💔

Because my unhealthy emotional connection to these fictional characters makes me want to re watch their love stories over and over
  1. Don and Megan
    She was definitely the coolest out of all his many women on the show, and brought out the best in him when he needed it.
  2. Jess and Rory (fingers crossed)
    When she went to visit him in Philadelphia they were at a perfect place in their lives for each other. HOPEFULLY IN THE REVIVAL ❤️
  3. Aiden and Emily
    I mean everyone knew she was going to end up with Jack... But like... They were both so beautiful and he was just so perfect for her 😭
  4. Graham and Emma
    Basically they just kill all my favorite couples 😭
  5. Will & Alicia
    This show should have ended with Alicia leaving Peter and ending up happy with Will.