1. When I said I wanted a septum piercing
    "You mean a bull ring?"
  2. When I come home straight from work (which I do at least 2-3 times a week)
    "Oh wow, you're home early" every. Single. Time.
  3. "Why do they have to say that word"
    After every single swear word in every single movie
  4. "Why do they have to show naked women on TV"
    A. Sex Sells B. Mostly produced by men C. Girls love VS.
  5. "I never get to see you"
    I see practically every single day. I live in your house.
  6. "What is your favorite item on the menu"
    To every waitress/waiter at every restaurant
  7. Complains about her weight
    Proceeds to eat out/order in 3 times a week on average, never exercises, and buys fruit snacks instead of candy cause she's trying to eat better.
  8. Tells me I look cute every single day
    Even when I'm on my worst day of my period and wearing sweats and beanie
  9. Says "Welcome Home!" with a huge smile at least twice a week.
    Feeling loved is okay I guess
  10. Asks me how my day is
    And is actually interested
  11. Gets excited when I buy new clothes and wants to see them
    Everyone else makes me feel guilty
  12. Watches my snap chat story and then tells me how funny it is when I get home