1. Emma - Once Upon A Time
  2. Zoey Pierson - HIMYM
  3. Dr. Allison Cameron - House
  4. Okay maybe I just have a crush on Jennifer Morrison...
  5. Sydney Bristow - Alias
    She's such a badass
  6. Joey Potter - Dawson's Creek
  7. Alicia Florrick - The Good Wife
    When she freaking slays in the court room
  8. Olivia Pope - Scandal
    She drinks wine, has confidence, and most importantly she has passion... Although I'm actually kinda scared of her after last weeks episode.
  9. Sarah Walker - Chuck
    She's just so fucking beautiful
  10. Emily Prentiss - Criminal Minds
    Once again for the mere fact that she's a badass
  11. Peyton Sawyer - One Tree Hill
    She's so down to earth and has the best taste in music ever.
  12. Emily Thorn - Revenge
    Partially cause of her style... Okay mostly cause of her style.
  13. Santana Lopez - Glee
    Her killer voice, constant attitude, perfect body, and beautiful face are to blame.
  14. Violet Harmon/Zoe Benson - AHS
    I think we would be friends in real life except for the fact that I would be in love with her ghost/frankenstein like boyfriend
  15. Peggy Olson - Mad Men
    Slaying Feminism in the 60's
  16. Guys I never questioned my sexuality until I made this list...
    Definitely wasn't expecting it to be this long when I began... Don't tell me fiancé 🙈😱😍