Over the years I've noticed how my given birth name has been a double-edge sword. This is all the bad things that one might experience with a royalty-like surname.
  1. It implies you're better than everyone else
    Too many people believe that you believe that you're above everyone else. You'll be over here hoping that other people think that you're at least good enough to be part of a group or something, while they're over there judging you for things you never done, feelings you don't have, and/or actions you haven't committed.
  2. You'll be considered extremely selfish
    Ironically people will call you selfish for having dreams or taking care of your well-being. They'll be upset that you don't put them before yourself, yeah that's not selfish of them at all 😒. It's like they expect you to have nothing nice and you aren't allowed to be happy.
  3. Being shy and timid may come off as being Prestigious
    If you have social anxiety and are often times too afraid to be the first person to begin making friends with your classmates, they might think that you think you're too good for them. In reality you actually feel like you might not be good enough for them and are afraid of rejection.
  4. You have to be extra nice to authority
    When actual people in power cross your path, you must be extra careful. They might think that you think you're an actual king above it all. Therefore they will be looking for any excuse to insert their abusive power on you just to make themselves feel better than you. Ironically.
  5. You get treated like you're a second class citizen
    You basically get pushed and walked all over if you try to stand up for yourself. It's either allow them to abuse you, which nobody should endure, or stand up for yourself. If you stand up for yourself, you'll imply that you should get special treatment because of your name and not because you are a person who should be treated equally just like everybody else.
  6. You're bullied by your peers intensely
    If you ever were the new kid in town, you know that the bullies will be attractive to you like a moth to a flame. It's a whole another level with a last name like King. It really threatens the prior status quo of the community.
  7. A lot of people try to one up everything you do
    Just to prove that you aren't better than them and that you aren't a real king. "The King of nothing" is what they want you be.
  8. You get grouped together with all the "self proclaimed" wannabe royalties.
    Everyone knows that girl who calls herself Princess So-and-So, or those dime a dozen trying to be a rapper who calls himself King Blah-Blah-Blah. They chose those name themselves because they may actually think or want to be better than everyone else.
  9. You'll be the only person in gym class not addressed by their last name
    You may not notice it at right away but nobody will address you just as King without saying your first name first. Usually they will just call you by your first name alone. This is also not exclusive to gym class, other teachers and students as well will address many other students by their last name alone, but not you. You're not allowed to be a King for that implies you're the very best.
  10. People question if that's your actual name
    People might think you made up your name to be cool. Trump might demand to see the birth certificate. They might even try to stalk your past for personal information to reveal your true legal name. If you have a Facebook, they might report your name as fake which will prompt Facebook for verification with an ID to be uploaded, which changes your name to your FULL legal name. So if you used a nickname for your first name, it would be changed to the full version that nobody addresses you by.
  11. People would rather undermine you instead of improving themselves
    They'll be looking to discredit your talents, skills, and knowledge any chance they get.
  12. Landing a job will be harder
    Hiring a "King" might threaten the boss's ego. Racist hiring managers might assume you're African American when they see your application and might discriminate you because of it.
  13. Maintaining a job will be difficult
    You'll notice that the other employees are allowed to sack off and not be in trouble but you can't even think about taking a break without management yelling orders at you. You'll be doing all the work while your co-workers watch you struggle. They like proving you are no King but a slave for their amusement.
  14. You might be treated like your ancestors once own slaves
    Incase you didn't already know, when slavery was abolished, most newly freed slaves took on their master's last name because they never had a last name of their own. Because of Martin Luther King Jr's fame and respect as a civil rights leader, people might assume your ancestors once enslaved his ancestors. [Side note, my family is from the north and my King ancestors didn't come to America until the 1880s]
  15. African Americans will more likely than not have a problem with you compared to some other white people
    If you moved around as much as I have, 12 different schools just so you know, you might notice a pattern. Usually the few African American peers in your class will often times just hate you for no reason. Probably because they'll assume the point mentioned above.
  16. Drag Queens might have a problem with you more often than not
    If you're like me and want to be an entertainer, like a Pop Star or an actor, you'll notice that your Drag Queen peers have a problem with your existence. Their ego can't handle the fact that your last name outranks a title of a queen. They seem personally angry that you chose not to dress up as a female impersonator. That's just their jealousy showing because of the fact that they have nothing without their illusion while you don't have to create one to entertain an audience.
  17. Your Maternal Family
    You might have an aunt or uncle who goes out of their way referring their children as little princes or princesses. If you have any half siblings they may also be heavily referred to as a little princess or prince, ironically you maybe never be addressed as such. You'll end up disowning or creating a distance between you and the egomaniacs of the family. You'll probably realize you hate your family because of all the subtle indifferences in the way they treat you vs the rest of the family.
  18. The way people treat you prior to learning your name vs how they treat you after they are aware of your name
    You'll notice how some people will adjustment their behaviors towards you once you reveal your last name. You could be making new friends and everybody is getting along. They like you for the kind of person you are, but once they know your last name, they start hating you for something you are not. It puts the relationship at risk and they might begin doing any of the prior things on this list.
  19. You'll be forced into considering a new name
    You'll feel like you aren't allowed to express yourself like everyone else may do with their names because if you do that could amp up the negative aspects people will have against you. You might wonder if a different last name would of made your life better.