Stars you may or may not have known could skate.
  1. Katherine Hepburn
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    Ripping even before the Z Boys. So much style on this carve. Get 'em Kate!
  2. Brian May
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    Clearly taken in the heart of the 80s judging by the full suit of armor on that board. Rails, copers, lapper, nose guard. Although it looks like they ran out of budget for tail rails.
  3. Justin Bieber
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    Not afraid to skate in front of the cameras. Here he is trying to ollie four stairs (maybe five?) in front of the paparazzi. Not sure if he ever stuck it.
  4. Izzy Stradlin
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    Another guitar legend barging! Getting way up near the coping in a fun looking pool. Where is that? Great job Izzy, we know YOU weren't the problem with G'nR.
  5. Liam Hemsworth
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    I had no idea this guy skated. Although really why would I? Here he is about to ollie up a curb, that's the most impressive pop so far.
  6. Farrah Fawcet
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    Awesome! Beautiful kickturn set against the wooded backdrop of most 70s teen horror flicks. This picture should be as famous as the red bathing suit poster.
  7. Lil Wayne
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    Rock n roll to fakie on a decent sized ramp. Best skater on Young Money.