Best Ways to Cheer Up

I had a rough couple of years and I found myself getting into funks and not being happy about how things were going. So I devised a list of ways to be happy and lift myself up.
  1. Write a brief paragraph about who you are.
    My husband heard about this and told me to do it to get a clear perspective on things. On paper, write the answers to the following: 1) who are you as a person, 2) what do you do on a daily basis/for work, 3) how are you benefitting society, and 4) what are your goals. Sounds crazy, but honestly it really opened up my mind.
  2. Get out of the house.
    Don't lock yourself inside, especially if you live alone. Go to a park or cafe to read a book, walk around your town or neighborhood and breath in the air, go somewhere you have never gone before, and just sit in silence to admire it. Don't take out your phone.
  3. Search for volunteer work.
    You can't feel sad if someone is depending on you. Find a way to get involved in your community. It's a great way to meet people and help a cause, even if it's your local theater, library, or school.
  4. Watch your favorite movie.
    Sometimes you need to just sit back with a hot drink and escape into your favorite cinematic world for a few hours. But just watch one movie. Don't binge and be unproductive.
  5. Start a project.
    Try something new and creative. Set a goal, and try to schedule out the process of achieving that goal. Try writing a poem or song/ short story, draw a portrait of someone you love, make a DIY object to use in your house, plant a small garden, etc.
  6. Be nice to people.
    Whether it's a co-worker, family member, housemate, or local barista, make a point to be very nice to them. Don't let your personal emotions come through in your daily conversations. Make sure that you see the positive aspects of things, and don't dwell on the negative. Make the effort to make people happy and laugh.
  7. Eat better.
    Everyone is beautiful, but not every eats well. As fun as it is to binge-eat comfort foods and feel like food could solve all problems, all you get is lethargic. Eating healthier foods can completely change how you feel, and gives you more energy throughout the day. Drop the diet sodas, and drink tea or water instead. Instead of snacking on chips or sweets, eat your favorite fruit or vegetable. Think of it as a cure, not as a penalty.
  8. Be active.
    I have always disliked hard exercise. To make matters worse, I had ankle surgery and could hardly walk. So what could I do to get active? Sit ups, weights, and stretches. After spending 15 minutes a day doing those exercises, I started feeling better, stronger, and more flexible. You don't have to be a pro athlete. Just do your body a favor and do what it's supposed to do: move.