Post-Surgery Healing Process

Sorry if this is gross. Back in November I had ankle surgery. I was born with a foot deformity called a tarsal coalition, where my ankle joints are fused and I couldn't move my foot from side to side. 3 hour surgery, sawed my bones apart, and placed a tissue graft from my thigh in between the bones. Here's the healing process.
  1. Before surgery.
    Bulge in my right ankle and swelling on the top of my foot. Can't move foot left and right at all.
  2. After surgery
    She kept me company :)
  3. 2 weeks later
    Bandage finally off. Immense pain. On crutches with a boot.
  4. 1 month out
    Still lots of pain and using crutches/boot. Stitches starting to come off.
  5. 2 months out
    Scar is healing slowly. Still on crutches, less pain. Started driving again, yay!
  6. 3 months out
    Incision all healed. Walking/hobbling with normal shoes on, but I can't walk fast at all.
  7. 4 months out
    Walking faster, less pain, very hard to lift things, jump, balance, etc.
  8. 5 months out
    My current state. Yesterday I had my first day without limping since surgery. I'm getting there. Swelling, left and right movement has not improved, but I walk differently now.