Reasons Why NorCal Rules, and SoCal Drools.

I've lived in both NorCal, SoCal, and the Central Coast, and simply put, I prefer NorCal. Here's why.
  1. There's water.
    Still in a drought, but less so than SoCal. And there are actually rivers and stuff here.
  2. There are forests.
    Some of the trees up here are incredibly beautiful. They beat the crap out of palm trees.
  3. San Francisco
    The best city in the world. LA just doesn't compare. Let's be real.
  4. Clouds/Fog
    Landscapes are just more amazing with clouds. SoCal lacks in that department.
  5. Wearing layers
    The ability to wear sweaters and jackets without sweating to death is amazing and cozy.
  6. Bridges
    Nothing screams human ingenuity more than a bridge. SoCal has a lack of great bridges.
  7. Beautiful architecture
    In general, there are more European/New England-style houses and buildings. SoCal architecture just didn't do it for me.