Things I Miss About the East Coast

Spent my childhood in New England, spent (and still spending) my adulthood in Cali. There are some things that Cali will never have.
  1. Seasons
    Actual changes in weather.
  2. Fall leaves
    I used to love the smell of damp leaves in October. Jumping into a pile of leaves was bliss.
  3. Snow
    Haven't seen snow in years...
  4. Bleeding Hearts flowers
    Used to see these everywhere. If you squeeze them, they actually bleed.
  5. Honeysuckles
    These used to surround my house.
  6. Brick buildings
    Damn earthquakes..
  7. New England houses
    I just like the style
  8. NYC
    Love SF, but NYC is a great city too.
  9. Speediness
    Californians are just slower. Slow walkers, slow service, etc. Sorry, guys.
  10. Bundling up
    Sometimes I just want to wear a Puffa.
  11. Apple picking
    Sooo miss this.
  12. Cutting down your own Xmas tree
    Now I get mine at Home Depot -_-
  13. Hot apple cider
  14. Fireplaces.
    Damn wildfires.