I went through a rough patch after getting ankle surgery, and kind of ate my feelings. I then found myself to be heavier than I wanted and I felt terrible. Here are a few things I did to get healthy without being able to stand up.
  1. Sit-ups and Leg Lifts
    I made a point to do 25 sit-ups and 15 leg lifts every morning. It strengthened my core, and really burned the belly fat.
  2. Stretching
    Touch your toes, stretch you arms, cat/cow, Sphinx/seal, and various other poses for 10 minutes each morning. This got me energized and feeling less stiff.
  3. Eat less bread
    The gluten-free thing is a bit excessive for me, but bread really does weigh you down. Cutting down on the bread intake made me feel lighter and more adventurous with my food choices (burrito salads are bomb).
  4. NO Juice, Soda or Beer
    Way too sugary for any diet. I just drank unsweetened tea or lemon water for a few months and felt really good.
  5. Less processed food
    I tried to eat things with less than 10 total ingredients in every meal, and felt better about it. I also stopped eating frozen or canned foods to decrease sodium intake.
  6. Feeling happy
    I found things to do outside of the house that weren't terribly active, but made me happy. Positivity is directly related to health, I think.
  7. Only eat when you're actually hungry
    Don't wait until you pass out, but if your stomach isn't grumbling, you don't need to eat. And if you eat a giant meal, cut the next meal in half.