After a great weekend with friends at Outside Lands in San Francisco, things quickly went sour on Delta's worst Monday.
  1. Get to the airport hours early so you have time to remedy the situation. We came 5 hours before our flight because we anticipated long lines and hectic flight changes.
  2. Stay fueled to avoid the hangry monster. I knew Bae needed time to sit and enjoy his breakfast burrito while I shuffled our luggage through the customer service line. This made for a happier travel buddy as we endured an unpleasant day.
  3. Take shifts to sustain your energy. This may take the form of bathroom breaks, moving through a line at customer service for 2+ hours, eating, and charging electronics.
  4. Use the shifts for alone time. These were necessary to maintain peace amongst chaos.
  5. Do the dirty work. At one point during a 5 hour flight delay our bottle of sunscreen exploded in the same pocket that held all of our charging cords. The most patient one should do the cleaning so the other one doesn't lose it.
  6. Be nice to strangers. We made friends with a few guys going to Rio and got to joke with TV reporters getting B footage of our miserable wait in line.
  7. Remember to laugh. The Delta employees were incredibly accommodating and it made the experience all the more pleasant because we were able to laugh it off.
  8. Invest in a portable phone charger. The charging stations were constantly packed and it was hard to nuzzle our way in.
  9. Bring something to do that doesn't require a battery charge. Having a book to read during all that down time was a life saver.
  10. Stretch your legs and use the opportunity to check your flight status. There was no announcement made that our gate had changed, so it was lucky that I just happened to notice on one of my stretch breaks.
  11. Count your blessings. Despite a draining day, I reminded myself I was lucky to be able to afford a trip to Maui in the first place and that having Bae as my wonderful travel companion is something to be majorly grateful for.