In honour of the upcoming Halloween. Will update when I remember 20 years worth of forgettable costumes.
  1. Princess
    As the only girl in the family of a traditional white family that 'let me go my own path' I believed I could grow up to be a princess but for the time being I could only pretend one day a year. For so many years. My entire childhood to be exact
  2. Clown
    The same costume, every year until I grew out of it. And then, still wore the curly orange wig
  3. A toaster
    I had friends once and we were breakfast
  4. A cat
    Not the sexy kind, I was cool as fuck
  5. An oompa loopa
    Green Jimmy neutron wig and all
  6. Magician
    I wore a cool hat
  7. Goth person
    Is that still politically correct or is that word over?
  8. Kate
    My best friend Kate. Jks. Jon and Kate + 8. Apparently this was the peak of how many friends I had that we had the whole crew plus a photographer
  9. Retro?
    Like from the 90's. Idk, pretty sure I wore shiny pink or sumthing
  10. Zombie
  11. Barbie
    I killed it, don't worry